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What we do

There are two key differences with Grow: Firstly, our expertise is sales-specific. Secondly, our recommendations are actionable, practical and achieve results. We deliver useful intelligence: Discover what holds you back: People, processes or strategy. Identify sales stars on your team – find out why they’re great. Find out who on your sales team is failing, and why. Learn how to improve – or replace – your underachievers. Gain recruitment insights to select proven winners. Having the wrong salesperson costs your business real money. Our research proves this can cost up to €100k due to lost time and revenue, recruitment and training expenses and salary costs. In contrast, Grow-profiled sales winners will succeed. No doubt, no question, no problems..

Who can we help? – and what will we deliver?

Our insights will help any business with a sales force of 4 or more to grow sales, profits and market share, no matter what is being sold. Our intelligence is targeted at sales leaders – such as business owners, CEOs or sales directors. When our recommendations are actioned, we can transform a sluggish sales team from order-takes to real salespeople – capable of qualifying, hunting and closing new business.

We not only improve your sales team – we improve your business.

After we evaluate your processes and profile your team, there are typically two immediate needs: recruitment and training. Unlike other profiling services, we have the expertise in sales strategy and practices that allows us to diagnose and treat all the factors that lead to poor sales performance.